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Lanzhou New Area won two honors at the 28th China Lanzhou Investment and Trade Fair and Lanzhou Guangtong became the biggest highlight in the Fair

2022-10-14 11:21:30 兰州广通新能源 102

The 28th China Lanzhou Investment and Trade Fair ended successfully. With the cooperation and coordination with all parties. The Fair is rich in content and fruitful, and has won unanimous praise from the guests and businessmen. Lanzhou New Area won two honors in the Fair which are as follows, Excellent Organization Award and Green Exhibition Award of the 28th China Lanzhou Investment and Trade Fair.

In the Gansu 2022 Global Investment Promotion Conference, the key economic and trade conference of the Fair, Lanzhou Guangtong signed a pure electric bus procurement and investment contract with Cambell Motor GmbH Germany, which became the biggest highlight of the conference. At present, the content of the contract is being gradually implemented. The 12-meter pure electric classic city bus will land in Germany in middle or late of August, and all related work is progressing in an order.


The pure electric classic bus exported this time is manufactured specially for German customers. It adopts an all-aluminum body to reduce the overall weight of the bus and effectively lower the energy consumption. The bus is equipped with the safest and most stable battery that is lithium titanate battery which can be fully charged and discharged within the temperature range of -50℃-60℃. On the bus, a high-power dual charging system consisting of a super roof charger and a super side charger is used, speeding up the charging speed and greatly improving the operation efficiency of the bus. The bus also adopts EBS, ECAS, etc, which effectively improves comfort and stability of the bus while driving.


Gansu is an important logistics hub linking the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road,and an important gateway for the opening up to the west and a strategic base for sub-regional cooperation. In Bottrop City, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, the development of electrification of public transport is considered as a key step in building up a Future Climate City, and there is a huge demand for electric buses and coaches. With the advantages of geographical location, market development, preferential policy support and leading enterprise technology, Lanzhou Guangtong has steadily entered into the new energy vehicle market of Germany after years of deployment. The landing of the 12-meter pure electric city bus in Germany is a sign of the successful opening of the EU automobile market. It not only contributes to the green development of the Belt and Road Initiative, but also lays a solid foundation for the pure electric vehicle industry from China to expand the overseas market.