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Good news! The first exported bus from Lanzhou Guangtong to Germany rolls off the assembly line.

2022-06-25 11:21:52 兰州广通新能源 101

On June 11, 2022, the first European Union standard pure electric city bus that was independently developed and manufactured by Lanzhou Guangtong New Energy officially rolled off the assembly line. This pure electric bus specially produced for German customers marks another solid step for Lanzhou Guangtong in expanding the international market.

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In recent years, countries around the world have taken the realization of carbon neutrality as a long-term strategic goal, and North Rhine-Westphalia(NRW), the largest state in Germany, has taken the realization of energy transformation as the primary goal, making it clear that it will strive to achieve all electric public transport by 2030. Facing the development opportunity of new energy power transformation in Europe, a few years ago, Lanzhou Guangtong started to study and prepare for the European market, bid for import and export qualification, acquired and reorganized Serbia Ikarbus Automobile Company, obtained the EU certification of the bus, and visited and connected with bus customers.Through in-depth research, we carefully analyzed the pain points of German customers to use electric buses, and showed the characteristics of our own products. With unremitting efforts, we accurately created pure electric city buses in line with the local market demand, and seized this rare historical opportunity.

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When the 12-meter pure electric city bus rolls off the assembly line, the German party is quite satisfied with the overall performance and appearance of the first bus. Both parties will conduct a cloud signing ceremony at Lanzhou Investment and Trade Fair. This signing may become the first electric bus order exported from China to Germany.

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Advantages of 12- meter pure electric lithium titanate oxide battery city bus 

The Lithium Titanium Oxide(LTO)battery, the safest and the most stable battery in the world, is adopted in the bus, which greatly improves the operating safety of the bus.

The bus adopts high-power double charging system consisting of a super top charger and a side charger. And the charging speed can reach up to 5C(about 10 minutes to charge fully), which greatly improves operating efficiency of the bus.

The bus can be fully charged and discharged within the temperature range of -50℃ to 60℃. The rapid charge and discharge times even can reach to 30,000 cycles, which makes the battery have the longest service life in the industry and effectively improves the bus service life as well.

One charger can meet the charging demands of 15 buses, realizing the replacement of the original diesel buses at the ratio of one. Compared with other types of batteries, it can reduce the cost of bus procurement and labor by 20% at least, as well as reduce the land area occupied by 80% .

All-aluminum body adopted in the bus reduces the overall weight greatly so as to lower the energy consumption and  enlarge the endurance.

The bus is equipped with EBS, ECAS, etc, greatly improving comfort and stability of the bus while driving.

The most advanced whole-vehicle electric heating and water heating system in the industry is adopted to make the electric bus warmer and more energy saving.

Since the establishment of the factory, Lanzhou Guangtong has analyzed its own advantages and disadvantages, and has been actively promoting its own internationalization development strategy and accelerating the pace of internationalization. With the gradual opening of overseas markets, Guangtong bus will become a powerful "handle" to improve the global public transportation environment.The successful export of pure electric buses to NRW, Germany, not only demonstrates the manufacturing strength and the leading level of research and development of Lanzhou Guangtong, but also shows the new style of China's new energy pure electric buses to the world.

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In the future, Lanzhou Guangtong New Energy Automobile Co,.LTD will continue to focus on product research and development, market development, adhere to the mission of scientific and technological innovation and green development, continue to deepen development, create a green and convenient public transportation system, and help the pure electric automobile industry on a new journey.