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Electric bus sails from Lanzhou to Germany

2023-07-07 11:21:17 兰州广通新能源 45

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On June 30, 2023, Lanzhou Guangtong New Energy Automobile Co.,Ltd signed a procurement contract of pure electric buses with the German client online. The Mayor of Bottrop City and the leaders from Lanzhou New Area Administration Committee presented and made speeches online for the signing ceremony.

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Mr. Bernd Tischler, Mayor of Bottrop City made a speech

Mr. Bernd Tischler, Mayor of Bottrop City, pointed out in his speech: the signing of the pure electric bus project between Bottrop City and Lanzhou Guangtong New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd is a win-win cooperation for both sides and is an another important step taken by the two sides on the common road. China is a leading country in business and technology, especially in electric vehicles. For Bottrop city, as an innovative city, this is an important part to build a climate friendly city, since electrified transportation can significantly reduce emissions. It also underscores the value of this China-German cooperation project. Hopefully the ideas behind the Innovative City and the importance of electric vehicles will be spread to many other cities around the world in the future, as I believe we can make an important and necessary contribution to fighting climate change.

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Mr. Zhang Yong, the member of Party Working Committee of Lanzhou New Area and Deputy Director of Lanzhou New Area Administration Committee

Mr. Zhang Yong, member of the Party Working Committee of Lanzhou New Area and Deputy Director of Lanzhou New Area Administration Committee, said in his speech: the online signing ceremony between Lanzhou Guangtong New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. and Bottrop City is an another major achievement to response the Belt and Road Initiative and global cooperation in green industries for Lanzhou New Area. In recent years, Lanzhou New Area has seized major opportunities such as the Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality Goals and the Belt and Road Initiative, and has focused on cultivating and developing the new energy vehicle industry as a strategic emerging industry. A group of automobile production projects which manufacture the passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, special-purpose vehicles and other types of vehicles, represented by Lanzhou Guangtong, have been completed and put into production, and the establishment of a new energy automobile industry cluster integrating power battery development, auto parts production, vehicle assembly and sales will be accelerated. It is hoped that the both sides will jointly respond to the initiative of Green Development Partners which was proposed by two prime ministers during the visit to Germany, seize the opportunity of green transformation, tap the potential of cooperation, strengthen interaction and exchanges, and promote bilateral economic and trade at a higher level, improve and upgrade the cooperation in the fields of investment, new energy, humanities, etc., with higher level, higher standards and higher quality, so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results!

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Mr. Yang Jian, Chairman of Lanzhou Guangtong, gave a speech

Mr. Yang Jian, chairman of Lanzhou Guangtong New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., said in his speech: thank you very much for the presence of today's signing ceremony. The signing today may leave a mark in the history of China and Germany! We will manufacture the purchased buses according to the contract as soon as possible, so as to provide German citizens with safe, environment-friendly, convenient and reliable bus services on German roads as early as possible. As our expectation we will take our electric bus together and visit Bottrop and other cities in NRW in the end of this year!

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Signing ceremony for pure electric bus procurement contract between Lanzhou Guangtong and German bus company

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Since its establishment, Lanzhou Guangtong has been focusing on the EU markets and actively contact with several potential clients from EU, hoping to enter the EU markets of passenger bus, logistic vehicles, and other new energy products. In 2022, a 12 meters’ pure electric bus from our company was passed the EU certification successfully and was delivered to Germany for testing. In the same year, the bus was passed the testing from KBA of Germany and registered for trial drive on road. During the trial drive, we worked with local transportation company to build a technical work platform. Based on the VDV bus technical standards and Chinese electric technology, we profiled a technical standard list. By so far, we are the only bus company that meets VDV standards.

At present, there are more than 800,000 buses in Europe. It is estimated that the annual demand for electric buses in Europe will be more than 50,000 from this year, and the market demand will reach more than 20 billion euros (150 billion yuan) per year. However, the supply capacity of local bus companies is insufficient for the huge demand gap. The official signing of the purchase order by Lanzhou Guangtong will lay a solid foundation for its development into the German and European markets. It is learned when the first batch of buses are put into commercial operation in Germany, a large number of orders will come after in the future. Meanwhile, Lanzhou Guangtong is also contacting with other European customers such as Spain, Italy, Romania, and Serbia, and strives to achieve a market share of 5% in Europe within three years and 10% within five years. Lanzhou Guangtong will create a supply chain of European standard vehicles and parts in the base of Lanzhou New Area.

Facing the condition of excessive production capacity in the field of passenger bus in China, Lanzhou Guangtong practices the Going Globally Strategy. Relying on the key technological advantages, Lanzhou Guangtong takes Germany as a breakthough to expand the EU markets steadily and gains a place in the EU markets of an annual demand of more than 100 billion. It has captured a major development opportunity that not only responds to the Belt and Road Initiative, but also can continue to expand the European market. The successful signing of this order can give full play to the leading role of Lanzhou Guangtong, and attract upstream and downstream enterprises to invest and build factories in Lanzhou New Area, and create a new energy automobile manufacturing industrial cluster, a China-Europe technology exchange platform, and export logistics distribution center for new energy automobile parts, etc., so as to improve the industrial chain, seize market share, and strive to make Lanzhou New Area as an international industrial highland for R&D, manufacturing and exporting of new energy European standard commercial vehicles.