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Bright lights for production, unity and hard work to meet the deadline

2023-12-05 13:20:30 兰州广通新能源 111

On November 30th, the night outside the window was as dark as ink, and everything was quiet. However, the production workshop in Lanzhou Guangtong was brightly lit and bustling with activity.

Under the blazing lights and beside the roaring machines, there were employees working tirelessly. The delivery schedule is imminent. In order to seize the limited production time, frontline personnel actively responded to the company's call, sacrificed their rest time, and put into production all night. Everyone was enthusiastic and obedient to orders, working overtime and rushing to work.


Continuous days of high-intensity work, fatigue and hard work can be imagined. But every Guangtong person knows the truth that "water rises and ships rise". Compared to personal hard work, everyone cares more about the development of the company, and physical fatigue does not reduce everyone's enthusiasm for work. To achieve the dual commitment of delivering on time and ensuring quality and quantity to German customers, everyone is racing against time with a high sense of responsibility and urgency, showcasing "speed and passion".


In the face of heavy production tasks, company leaders are at the forefront. After receiving production tasks, they carefully analyze and coordinate arrangements in the first time, analyze and judge possible problems in the production process in advance, develop rigorous and feasible production plans and guarantee measures, and ensure that the production progress is promoted quickly and orderly with quality and quantity guaranteed.

The workshop is like a battlefield, where several leaders are both commanders and soldiers. They not only need to carefully deploy production plans and strictly control operational processes, but also often lead by example and fight alongside frontline employees.


Chen Dejian, the head of the Production Planning Department, saw that his work clothes were already covered in oil stains. The workload of more than ten hours a day did not break him down. Even though the busy work made Chen's figure appear a bit tired, he still happily said, "Brothers, working hard is not a big deal, as long as it does not delay the project schedule."


The serious and responsible work attitude of the leaders, who strive for excellence, deeply inspires every employee. Under their leadership, the employees have put in a twelve point spirit, fully sprinting, and striving to complete the arduous and heavy production tasks with "quality and quantity guaranteed".

Under heavy pressure, only those who can demonstrate their abilities can take the lead. These Guangtong people, who are concerned about the enterprise, have a broad understanding of the overall situation, and have a strong sense of responsibility and mission, have laid a solid foundation for the company to expand into the EU market. Thank you to every hardworking and dedicated Guangtong person. Your spirit of unity and hard work has made the company's progress more steady and powerful!