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Interview on Mr. Yang Jian, the chairman of Lanzhou Guangtong New Energy Automobile Co,.LTD, from Xinhua News Agency: An entrepreneur’s Feelings to Family and Nation.

2021-05-06 11:24:44 兰州广通新能源 19

Recently, Xinhua News Agency interviewed Mr. Yang Jian, the chairman of Lanzhou Guangtong New Energy Automobile Co.,Ltd. In the interview, when mentioned his great-grandfather and grandfather, Mr. Yang Jian said that the greatest influence of our previous Zhuoni chief officer on future generations is the feelings of family and nation.

Mr. Yang Jian's great-grandfather is Yang Jiqing, the 19th generation of the chief officer in Zhuoni County. He opened the grain silo and offer the grains to others, repaired the cliff road, and saved the sick and wounded of the Red Army, making great contributions to the Red Army's breakthrough of natural stronghold of La Zi Kou and successful march north. Mr. Yang Jian’s grandfather is Yang Fuxing, the 20th generation of the chief officer in Zhuoni County. He joined the Chinese Communist Party in1956 and dedicated his life to the party's cause.

Influenced by his ancestors, Mr. Yang Jian has the courage to undertake and is willing to make contributions. When starting his business, he chose the new energy automobile industry which is beneficial to the country and people. Mr. Yang Jian said, "When we can make contributions to our country and society, we can realize our personal value."

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The greatest entrepreneur always makes contributions to the nation and people. Under the leadership of Mr. Yang Jian, Lanzhou Guangtong grows step by step. Lanzhou Guangtong will bear the mission of contributing to the society and benefiting the people, unswervingly pay for the land under the foot, and will go all out to return a clear water and sky to the people with the power of new energy.

Yang Fuxing's father Mr. Yang Jiqing- the 19th chief officer in Zhuoni County.

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Yang Fuxing is the 20th chief officer in Zhuoni County, whose ancestor was appointed as the chief officer of Zhuoni County by Emperor Yongle of the Ming Dynasty, to govern a large area in the Han-Tibetan border area in southwest of Gansu Province.